Tips for Solo Operator Desks

Here are a few Tips to help "simplify" your OrbitDesk System for "one or two person" operations.

1) Set un-needed or un-used Departments to "Private". This will simplify your Ticket routing to one Department. We STRONGLY suggest you keep "Support" as the default Department in this case, since outbound emails are address "From"

2) Set up either an Agent Settings->Department Signature or Profile->Personal Signature (but in this case not both). Set this as the Default Signature at Ticket Settings.

3) Set your Ticket Settings to use the above signature as default.

4) In Ticket Settings, set Claim on Response to true.

5) Set your Profile->Permissions to "All Access".

6) Set yourself as Department Manager, and set Restrict Ticket Assignment to Department Members to true.

7) Set up a custom SLA or Response time plan at your Primary Department Settings, and select that plan at Main Settings as well.

THese are a few settings that can help "simplify" your OrbitDesk and reduce "distrating" features you do not need.

We will add to this FAQ as we go along.

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