Using the "Resolved" Ticket Status

OrbitDesk has five "built in" Ticket Statuses for your use:

  • Open Tickets - self explanatory and can contain Answered and/or Unanswered depending on the options you use.
  • Closed Tickets- self explanatory and Tickets can still be viewed by Admin and/or Agents depending on options you use.
  • Archived - removes tickets from viewing by all except Admins (a future status that will be implemented at a later date)
  • Deleted - removes Tickets from the system (cannot be recovered).
  • Resolved - a special category for "special handling" or review by admin, and is usually the same as Closed but not always visible to non-Admins.

What ???? Resolved is what ???

Most OrbitDesk owners will likely not need this feature, and should just use the Closed status instead. But, the Resolved Status provides for some interesting optional uses. Perhaps the "most useful" for some large desk owners and managers is that this status can be used as sort of a "limbo" status that can be used for review by management.

For example, suppose you have hired an Agent or VA to handle part of your Support needs. You "could" create an internal rule for that person to "not close Tickets", but instead require them to mark tickets as "Resolved".

In this way, the Tickets marked Resolved will not be shown in the Agent views. Resolved Tickets "can" be seen by Admins or Managers with the correct permissions by using the Advanced Search feature (see images below).

Admin or Managers can then review Resolved Tickets prior to closing, to be sure company guidelines and standards are being met.


Advansed Search Resolved


or if you have saved a prior search for Resolved:

Saved Searches


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