Viewing the "Last Responder"

On busy OrbitDesks, there may be times when new tickets are generated fast, and may be spread across multiple Departments or Support Personnel. Managers and Support Personnel can save some time and frustration by looking at who had the "last response", to see what has been or needs completed or answered.

A quick way to accomplish this is built in to OrbitDesk to help manage this task.

First, navigate to Admin=>Settings=>Tickets to "Ticket Settings and Options".

At the bottom portion of the "Basic Settings" tab, there are four options to help identify who created the last activity on a ticket.

  • Claim on Response - Enable this to auto-assign unassigned tickets to the responding Agent. Reopened tickets are always assigned to the last respondent.
  • Exclude assigned tickets from open queue - Enable this feature to exclude assigned tickets from the Open Tickets Queue.
  • Exclude answered tickets from open queue - Enable this feature to show answered tickets in the Answered Tickets Queue. Otherwise, they will be included in the Open Tickets Queue.
  • Agent Identity Masking - If enabled, this will hide the Agent’s name from the Client during any communication.


By experimenting with these options, OrbitDesk can present various views to help Support to quickly navigate busy Ticket queues.

For example and as a "starting point", try selecting the Exclude answered tickets from open queue option if it is not already checked, and OrbitDesk will create sort of a "ping pong" view option allowing Support to quickly filter tickets based on if they have been "Answered" or are still "Open" (the new button "Answered" automatically appears if this option is selected, and there are answered tickets that are still open). Using this option, Open means Client posted last, and Answered means we posted last.

These Options can yield as many as (2x2x2x2) or 16 different views in the Tickets area. Multiply this times the Department, Team, Key Account settings, and more, and there are literally dozens or even hundreds of ways this can be configured.

In "most" configurations, the "Assigned To" column is the same as the "Last Responder" when viewing the Answered Tickets screen.

Another feature that can help "drill down" who replied last, is the "Hover Preview" pop-up that appears when hovering a Ticket number in the Answered Tickets View screens. This pop-up will include the Last Reply person Name if your configuration allows.

The image below shows an example of using the "Answered Tickets" screen mentioned above, and also an example of the "Hover Preview" showing who created the Last Response.

Last Responder

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